The automobile is one of the most important inventions ever created by man. It has revolutionized modern society as we know it. Can you imagine our world today without automobiles?

Ever since the pioneers of automotive technology created the first car, the automobile has gone a long way in changing the world. Today, the automobile–whether it is a car, truck or van–is an indispensable tool. It is the primary mode of transportation used in almost all human endeavors.

From the first rickety cars produced, automobiles have evolved to become the familiar and common motor vehicles of today. Many automotive manufacturers have introduced various innovations in terms of design, performance, safety and other technological aspects. Automotive technologies continue to improve as automotive engineers and designers strive to enhance the vehicles they produce.

The automobile continues to develop at a very fast pace. There are scores of auto manufacturers from different countries all making their respective contributions to the development of automotive technology. Year after year, new models, innovations and features are being introduced by these automakers. Needless to say, each advancement in the automobile industry brings a slew of advantages to the lives of billions of people all over the world.

Automotive technology continues to move forward into the next big innovation. But there are still many challenges facing the automotive industry, some of which effect the whole world. Two of the main issues are eliminating the threat to the environment posed by automobile emissions and the rising prices of oil.

Despite these and other issues, the automobile is still one of the most significant achievements of man. As the technologies continue to progress, automakers will roll out better, more sophisticated automobiles that will meet the increasing demands of consumers in terms of functionality, safety, performance and reliability. Given this, the future of the automobile looks more exciting than ever.

Congratulations – You’re a Life Coach! Now What?

Starting your own business is exciting; especially entering the field of life coaching. You have recognized your ability to inspire others and have committed to bringing your gift to those who need your help. The biggest obstacle was figuring out what that gift is, and now that you have realized and embraced it, it is your responsibility to share it.

But how do you go from realizing your gift to packaging it so that you can bring a product (or service) to market?

Here are our top 5 tips:

Understand your client, who they are, where they socialize, and what their habits are. Understanding this, helps you know where to find them (either in person or online). Is your market local yoga enthusiasts? Then you know to spend your time getting to know yoga studio owners, and seeing if there’s a way to work together. Is your target market young moms who are struggling to balance being the best mom they can be, while also being the best partner they can be? Then your market is online, and you’ll find them on Facebook or Instagram, maybe even Pinterest – but you need to know when they’re online, so your messages have the most impact.
Analyze this information. If your ideal client is a yoga enthusiast, don’t just take up yoga and chat before and after class. Instead, seek out strategic partnerships with yoga studios. How can you benefit each other? If you know your ideal client is all about the Facebook life, how do you get your posts in front of her? What about your ads? How frequently should you post, images or text? What time of day? When is she most likely to be relaxing for the day? Once you know this, you can target your ads better. This goes beyond marketing, to spending habits. You should charge what you’re worth but also offer different services at different price points.
What tools do you need to grow? Do you have a merchant account, have you invested in Infusionsoft? Do you have a toll-free business line? An online calendar app with appointment setting options? What processes can you put in place now, so you can start as you’re meant to continue?
How will you structure your practice? You may feel that you can make the most impact doing individual 1:1 work, but what will that look like? For one individual session, how much time is spent doing pre/post work, invoicing, confirming appointments or rescheduling? Be realistic about the amount of time you can deliver 1:1 coaching. Perhaps incorporating group sessions, or a self-directed online platform would be a better fit.
Start building your list! Keep the pipeline full so as soon as you’re able to take on more clients, you have some at the ready. A Lead Magnet is a great place to start – its simply a freebie that you offer prospective clients, in exchange for their contact information. Not sure what Lead Magnets are all about? You can download your copy here.

And a bonus tip – create a success team to support you. This could be actual office support (in-house or virtual), but also friends and family members who are there to cheer you on when you have bad days but also are ready to celebrate every success (big or small!).

Free Bet Blackjack – The Casino Table Game Where the Dealer Actually Gives You Free Bets

The rules for Free Bet Blackjack are played like the traditional version except for the two variations listed below. The casino uses six decks of cards, the dealer hits soft seventeen, (hand containing an ace +6) a player blackjack pays 3/2, re-split certain pairs up to four hands, and double after splitting is allowed. Here are the two variations:

Variation One

Double Down Rule – A player may double down on hard totals (hands with no ace) of 11, 10, or 9 only. Doubling on other hands is permitted however by doing so the player will not receive the free bet wager offered by the casino.

After a player makes the allowable double down wager, the house then gives the player a free double wager by matching the player’s original bet with a free bet button. If the dealer wins the player only loses his or her original wager. If the hand is a push, the player keeps the original wager only. If the player wins, he or she keeps the original wager plus winnings equal to double that wager.

Variation Two

Pair Splitting – A player may split any pair except 4′s or 10′s up to four times. The player receives one free split wager each time, where the player’s split cards are divided into two one card hands. The player’s original wager is placed on the first card and the second card receives the free bet button. Doubling after splitting is allowed. If the player so chooses to double after the split he or she will also receive a free double wager. For the winning hands, each free bet button is replaced with real chips. For a player loss or push, the house takes back the free bet button(s).

You may wonder why all this generosity? Instead of the dealer busting with a total of 22, where the house would pay winnings to all remaining hands, 22 becomes a push. Therefore, all remaining player hands also push.

Optional Side Wager

Push 22 Side Bet – This is an optional wager where a player may bet that the dealer will push with a total of 22. If the player wins, ascending payouts are made depending on the cards. Here is the pay table:

Suited Dealer 22 – Pays 50 to 1

Same Color 22 – Pays 20 to 1

Any other 22 – Pays 8 to 1

The house edge for Free Bet Blackjack is about 1.0% without placing a Push 22 side wager, but jumps to almost 6% if the option is made.

Strategy for this game is simple. Besides exercising basic strategy, take advantage of every opportunity to free split and free double.